Our Food Private Limited

Despite being graduates Pogula Shravanti and her husband Pogula Shrikant were unemployed. She wanted to utilize her farm to generate a stable income and support her family. In this process, they came in contact with OFPL. After getting clear understanding of our Farmer Franchise model, she registered. She became our first farmer Franchise in January 2011 for Chilli Powder Mill. Now, Pogula Shravanti is an entrepreneur, she understands all the economics of handling the business. With their FF they are now able to earn INR 25,000/- to INR 30,000/- every month.

In July 2020, Pogula Shrikant has also got their Fertiliser License. With OFPL’s input services model, they were able to get their fertiliser license effortlessly. Currently, they are selling fertilisers for cotton and chilli in and around their village. So far, they have sold fertiliser for 60 acres of cotton and 10 acres of chilli and they are planning to expand their crops in the coming seasons. With the help of OFPL Pogula Shravanti and Pogula Shrikant are able to fetch better prices for their produce. They provide better price to other farmers of the village and at the same time, farmers also get fertilisers within the village.

Our Food Pvt Ltd has enhanced life of Pogula Shravanti and her family, now they own their own business. Becoming a Farmer Franchise has ensured them a continuous source of income.



Ashish Sharma, a Computer Operator at Kahtegaon, Dewas had a monthly income of INR 8,000/month. He has 2 hectares of land where he grows Wheat, Bengal Gram, Red Gram and Soybean. Ashish had faced a lot of trouble in selling his produce to the market as he used to sell through village traders, and most of the profits were eaten by middlemen. He registered himself as a Farmer Franchise for Dal mill with OFPL in 18th Feb 2020 and now he is able to make an income of INR 20,000/month. Now he doesn’t have to pay any commission to the agents and doesn’t have to bear any cost for transporting his produce as OFPL pick up his consignment at the doorstep of his FF. With the help of Our Food Pvt Ltd, Ashish has his own business in the village and gets remunerative price for is produce after processing. He can take care of his family and focus on his work at the same time. OFPL has supported Ashish in every step from constructing shed, loan processing, delivering mini food processing unit at his doorstep to train him. In this season, Ashish has processed 10 tons of Red Gram. With the help of OFPL he procured 2 tons of raw material and rest he procured from the farmers of village and nearby area. He made a profit of INR 28,000/- after processing Red Gram at his FF.